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AIR Storage Kit, P/N 2-ARAL-ST-100, Retail Price $39


Parts included (in caption below):

  • AIR 30 Hub – 3-CMBP-1005-01

  • AIR X Marine Nose cone – 3-CMBP-1007-02<

  • Super Lube Multi-Purpose Synthetic Grease with Syncolon (clear) - 3-CAOT-1017

  • Rotor Jam Nut (to secure hub) – 3-HDNT-912

  • 5/16 short arm hex key-3- CAOT-1007 (for rotor jam nut)

CAUTION - When the AIR turbine is stored outdoors for an extended period, it is critical the nose cone and hub remain in place, as this prevents water infiltration through the shaft/bearing gap and into the turbine body (nacelle). 


DANGER - If turbine is stored when the Blade/Hub/Nose Cone Assembly is removed, there is a high probability that water infiltration will occur and the nacelle interior will rust causing damage.  This will not be covered under the Primus Wind Power warranty. To avoid this potential issue, Primus Wind Power offers the AIR Storage Kit.


INSTRUCTIONS -When storing your turbine, remove the Blade/Hub/Nose Cone Assembly and store in safe location to not damage blade set.  When The Shaft and Face is exposed, apply a liberal amount of synthetic grease to the gap around Shaft and Bearing on the Face of the turbine (this should be performed as a regular maintenance event every 12 months).  Next, attach Hub and Jam Nut and tighten using 5/16” hex key (hand tighten). Attach the Nose Cone with position of the Nose Cone Blade opening not lined up with Blade bolt holes to avoid water intrusion through holes in the Hub.  


If you have any questions, please feel free to call Primus Technical Support at 303.235.8944 ext. 3 or email us at [email protected].