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Primus Wind Power has been acquired by Ryse Energy LLC - USA based in Houston, TX

Ryse Energy LLC (RELLC) is pleased to announce its new production facility in Houston, TX is operational.

The AIR Range, E Range and G Range of wind turbines are produced / stocked at this facility as of Oct 1 2023.

Our new address is 8748 Clay Road, Suite 320, Houston, TX 77080.
Our phone number is +1 303 242 5820. Please direct all communication to [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Why Off Grid Systems Should Include Both Solar AND Wind

  • Wind speeds are highest during the winter months when solar resources are at their minimum
  • Air density is highest in winter maximizing wind power production
  • Wind provides power during inclement weather when sunshine is not present
  • Wind provides power at night

If Wind, Why AIR?

  • Reliability:  5-year warranty with over 150,000 units installed globally since 1995
  • Up Tower Controller:  Integrated controls inside the turbine regulate battery voltage
  • Ease of Installation:  Air is wired directly to battery bank, independent of PV controller and wiring
  • Certifications:  CSA approved to UL and CSA specifications*
  • Quiet Operation**

*Air 30 and Air 40
**Air 40 and Air Breeze blades are specifically designed for low sound emissions



Primus wants to thank our AIR customers for 25-years of loyalty.   Repair, upgrade or get a new turbine with discounted pricing. 
Learn more about this amazing new program.


Upcoming Wind Power Webinars

Check back for upcoming webinars.


Wind Power Turbines

air40product.jpg AIR turbines can be utilized in nearly any off grid system.  Learn more about the AIR 30, AIR 40, AIR Breeze and Air X Marine turbine products and find out which turbine is the best for your wind power needs. Start Here.

Do I Have Enough Wind?

Primus Wind Power Podcast

podcast_social_icon.pngListen to our podcast on how to use wind and solar hybrid power solutions for your off-grid needs.

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