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RE:  Loyalty Program Terms & Conditions

Prior to shipping your AIR turbine to Primus Wind Power under our Loyalty Upgrade Program, we must first determine if your AIR turbine is eligible for the upgrade benefits.  If your turbine is greater than 12-15 (Marine/Land) years old or has experienced significant corrosion during its lifetime, your turbine may instead be eligible for a significant discount on a new turbine and not eligible for an upgrade.  In order to determine your eligibility, please complete the form below and include multiple photos of both the outside and inside of your turbine.  The inside of the turbine can be accessed by removing the three (3) Face Screws on the front of the turbine.  The Stator, Rotor and Face Plate (which is the aluminum housing covering the Stator and Rotor) should easily separate from the Nacelle (which is the main body) of the turbine while still being connected via three (3) wires to the Circuit Card inside the Nacelle.  Please take multiple pictures of the inside of the turbine and also inspect for any abnormalities (i.e. - corrosion, uneven Slip Ring wear, discoloration or burn marks on Circuit Card).  We are primarily looking for the corrosion on the inside of your turbine, as corrosion makes the repair much more difficult and expensive.

For additional disassembly and re-assembly details, please see the link below for instructions and video on the Primus Wind Power website (Cleaning an AIR Turbine).  Please focus on the portion of the video which demonstrates the disassembly and re-assembly of the Hub, Blade Set and Face Plate to assist you in opening the Body of turbine.  NOTE:  It is NOT necessary to remove the three (3) Stator wires connected to the Circuit Card.  Please take photos of the Stator and copper windings behind the Face Plate, Circuit Card and Slip Rings as well as the exterior and interior of the Rotor.  A minimum of six (6) photos (2 of the exterior + 4 of the interior) are recommended.  These specific components are illustrated within the video on website.  If the turbine is determined to be eligible for the Loyalty Upgrade Program, please re-assemble the Face Plate with the same Face Screws and tighten them for shipment.  NOTE:  Please do not return the Blades or Hub with the turbine.   

If you have issues or questions with this process, please feel free to e-mail or contact our Primus Wind Power Technical Support.

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